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Kathy Charmaz – A Fresh View from the Master of Grounded Theory

Dr. Kathy Charmaz

Dr. Kathy Charmaz

After five years of working on her second edition of Constructing Grounded Theory, Kathy Charmaz, sociology professor emeritus and the Faculty Writing Program director, recently published the book with Sage, London.

The considerably expanded second edition offers a fresh view of current ideas and practices in qualitative inquiry and gives researchers detailed practical guidelines for analyzing qualitative data and completing a study.

The book includes examples and comments from researchers in such diverse fields as mathematics education, business, social policy, and tourism, as well as those in fields in which qualitative inquiry has had a long history such as sociology, psychology, education, and nursing.

The first edition of the book received a Critics’ Choice Award from the American Educational Studies Association. It has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish and Portuguese and two more translations are underway.

Charmaz also co-edited a four-volume set, Grounded Theory and Situational Analysis, with senior editor, Adele E. Clarke. The set appeared in 2014 with Sage, London as part of the Sage Benchmarks in Social Research series. Consistent with the purpose of the series, these edited volumes are primarily intended for libraries throughout the world that lack access to extensive journal collections.

Charmaz has also given two master classes for doctoral students and faculty at the Bouverie Centre of La Trobe University in Melbourne, one on grounded theory, the other on writing for publication.

Last June, she taught an intensive class on grounded theory for doctoral students at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna and was a featured presenter at the Universities of Bologna and Trento’s Summer School for doctoral students.

In July, she gave two professional development classes under the combined sponsorship of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and ResearchTalk and in September she conducted a one-day workshop at the Graduate School of Social Service at Fordham University.

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