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Ezra Heads New Journal of Civil and Human Rights

Dr. Michael Ezra

Dr. Michael Ezra

SSU’s School of Arts and Humanities, in conjunction with the University of Illinois Press, announces the new Journal of Civil and Human Rights, a peer-reviewed academic journal to be published twice annually and edited by Professor Michael Ezra of the American Multi Cultural Studies Department. The journal Web site is: The first issue of the journal will come out both electronically and in print in June 2015 and the second issue will appear in December 2015.

Founding editor-in-chief Michael Ezra is excited that the Journal of Civil and Human Rights will put Sonoma State University into the national academic conversation about an important historical and present-day issue. “The buzz about the project has been tangible. I went to a conference in Memphis and people I had not ever met asked me about it. I also have received an email from a professor in Scotland who wanted to submit a piece on Martin Luther King. My biggest fear as editor will always be that we might lack for top-quality content but so far that has not been the case.”

The Journal of Civil and Human Rights is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, academic journal dedicated to studying modern U.S.-based social justice movements and freedom struggles, including transnational ones, and their antecedents, influence, and legacies. The journal features research-based articles, interviews, editorials, and reviews of books, films, museum exhibits, and Web sites.

The journal’s advisory board includes many scholars who have done groundbreaking work including Clayborne Carson, Diane Fujino, Peniel Joseph, David Montejano, Jeanne Theoharis, and Robert Warrior. The journal’s board members are from top private universities Brown, Northwestern, Stanford, and Tufts, as well as important research institutions UC Berkeley, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio State, Rutgers, UCLA, UCSD, and Wisconsin.


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