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Kyuho Lee – Strategic Winery Tourism and Management

Dr. Kyuho Lee

Dr. Kyuho Lee

Marketing professor Kyuho Lee, Ph.D., is editor of a new book on strategic winery tourism and management to be released in 2015 Spring.

Given that there are more than 100,000 wine brands globally, attaining high brand loyalty and awareness has become a daunting task, says Lee. But, despite the growing importance of winery tourism, there has been little research published in the area.

With 98 percent of US wineries producing less than 12,000 cases of wine a year, winery tourism has become crucial to the successful operation of small wineries that do not have the marketing and distribution resources of major companies. Increasing brand awareness and loyalty among winery tourists can drive a winery’s increase in revenue, says the professor.

Strategic Winery Tourism and Management encompasses crucial components of strategic winery tourism and management thinking and provides readers with critical theoretical foundations underpinning the subject.

Developing a competitive winery tourism and management strategy entails considering several issues from managing winery service quality to creating an attractive winery architecture design, says Lee.

“Winery operators need to look at winery tourism holistically rather than focusing on just one aspect of tourism or cellar door sales to make winery tourism sustainable,” he says.

The book illuminates a global perspective on winery tourism thanks to contributions by researchers from France to China. A practical perspective is offered in chapters written by wine industry practitioners – from a proprietor to an architect specializing winery designs.

Kyuho Lee, PhD, is Assistant Professor of wine business and marketing at Sonoma State University, California. He specializes in the study of wine brand management, wine consumer behavior, and services marketing.