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Adam Zagelbaum – Counseling for K-12 Athletes

Dr. Adam Zagelbaum

Dr. Adam Zagelbaum

Counseling professor Adam Zagelbaum has published a textbook, peer-reviewed article, and a book chapter in 2014, the result of many years of effort.

The textbook – School counseling and the student athlete: College, careers, identity and culture. New York: Routledge. – is a review of research and theory significant for counseling professionals within K-12 settings who will encounter student-athletes, coaches, parents, and other relevant stakeholders who need assistance navigating through academic, career, and personal/social areas that impact school success and transitions toward and away from sports.

It is his second book with Routledge Press, with the first one being  Working with immigrant families: A practical guide for counselors.  Zagelbaum, A., & Carlson, J. (Eds.) (2011). New York: Routledge.

The peer-reviewed article  (Kruczek, T., Alexander, C., & Crethar, H. (2014). Where are we now? An updated review of the school counseling literature for trends and themes. Journal of School Counseling, 12(4). Retrieved from was a follow-up to a study Zagelbaum conducted with two of the co-authors 11 years ago.

“By examining trends and themes within the publications, we were able to compare the aspiring identity that the school counseling profession articulates to its members according to published models with the existing body of research reflecting the contemporary works of those within the profession,” said Zagelbaum.  As a result, the authors  were able to make suggestions and recommendations about ways future research could address any perceived gaps.

“One of the interesting things we observed was a need to have more research collaboration between those who educate school counseling professionals and those who are directly serving as school counseling professionals,” said Zagelbaum.
This insight was also something that he was able to carry out in his own practices, and resulted in a collaborative effort between Zagelbaum and Counseling Department chair Maureen Buckley, as well as two School Counseling Program’s alumni: Kalia Gurnee and Shana Friedman.

The final project – a book chapter  entitled Seeking Integration, by Zagelbaum, A., Buckley, M., Friedman, S., & Gurnee, K. (2014) Appears in Zhang and Parsons (Eds.) Counseling Theory – Guiding Reflective Practice, New York: Sage. It addressed how Integrative Theory/Theories apply to the work of counseling professionals within school and community mental health settings.

Zagelbaum says “the Counseling program at SSU is bringing more scholarly opportunities to students, because research and publication are also important aspects of a professional counselor’s identity, not only because keeping up with research and contemporary trends informs best practices, but also because contributing to the research community can enhance and diversify one’s career development and trajectory.”

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