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Mike Ezra – How Muhammad Ali’s Rope-A-Dope Myth Suckered America

ezra_aliProfessor Mike Ezra (American Multi Cultural Studies), a national expert on the boxer Muhammad Ali, examines the “myth of the rope-a-dope” story long associated with the famous athlete in a essay at

Ezra is the author of Muhammad Ali: The Making of an Icon (Temple University Press, 2009).

Dr. Michael Ezra

Dr. Michael Ezra

Excerpt:  “Myth now dominates our misunderstanding of Muhammad Ali, who was once the most accessible celebrity in the world. The truth of the man is nearly irretrievable. With Ali having receded into an exile of his own choosing, the jokes and half-truths and outright lies he once told to entertain us have hardened into historical fact. The myth of the rope-a-dope, which turns 40 today, is perhaps the best example of a widely believed Ali story that misses the mark and obscures most of what’s genuinely interesting about him as a fighter and cultural figure.”

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