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Amy Kittelstrom – The Religion of Democracy

Dr. Amy Kittelstrom

Dr. Amy Kittelstrom

History professor Dr. Amy Kittelstrom’s newest book – The Religion of Democracy, Seven Liberals and the American Moral Tradition – was selected as a weekly favorite on the Publisher’s Weekly web site in February.

PW noted:

the religion of democracy“Mention of religion in the public square today is commonly associated with political conservatism. This analysis from Kittelstrom, who teachers history at California’s Sonoma State University, serves as a reminder that many religious liberals were instrumental in guiding American society in its quest for moral and social progress. The seven individuals discussed—including John Adams, William James, and Jane Addams—are drawn from a wide swath of history and a broad range of occupations and ideologies, but they share the conviction that religion “doth not deserve that Sacred Name, if it does us no Good.”

Religious liberalism changes the focus of faith from the world to come to the here and now. Kittelstrom’s history stands out for its deeply textured treatment of each of these profoundly important thinkers, permitting appreciation of the influences that brought them to an enlightened view of faith and its sociopolitical implications. Kittelstrom offers the stories of men and women who were fueled by faith and accomplished great things for humanity. This timely, important work by an excellent scholar is part of the Penguin History of American Life series.”

This book is scheduled to be released in April, 2015.

Professor Amy Kittelstrom is a historian of modern thought and culture who specializes in nineteenth-century American thinkers and their contexts. She is particularly interested in the lived intellectual connections between individuals and cultures of the past, how their ideas on religion and democracy informed one another, and how Americans engaged with books and thinkers from India, Great Britain, and the Romantic movement.

In the classroom, she introduces students to a variety of texts and enjoys helping them improve their writing and professional comportment.